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About Us

Three years in cosmetic formulation including laboratory development has enabled us to bring to market a quality product. Request our Cosmetic Notification Number to see that our cosmetic formula meets Canada’s regulatory standards for natural cosmetics. Our greatest success is meeting our clients expectations. We are happy to offer you a product that our clients love and stylists recommend.

This product line incorporate the science of hair and our personal experience with methods that work. Sheena’s Hair Care products have helped our user understand their texture and achieve predictable results. Sheena's goal is to enhance your kinky, curly hair experience at home and in salon. A salons ability to accommodate different hair textures starts with hair care. Understanding the properties of the scalp and hair, combined with professional product and methods are essential to Sheena's brand. Sheena's hair care cosmetics are available at salon locations across Canada. In salons that specialize in, but are not limited to, caring for the nature of kinky, curly hair.